O.S. Map: CCLX S.W. (1908) – Meltham, Helme & Wilshaw



A downloadable version of the coloured Ordnance Survey 1908 Yorkshire Sheet CCLX S.W. which covers:

  • Crosland Edge, Helme, Honley Wood, Meltham, Meltham Mills, Thick Hollins, and Wilshaw

Please note that this is a historic item and the may show typical signs of age, including small blemishes, creases, marks and stains. Wherever possible, obvious damage was sympathetically restored using Adobe Photoshop. Please examine the product images on this page carefully prior to ordering.

The original map was scanned at 600 dots per inch (DPI) and is slightly smaller than A2 paper size. The final full-sized image is 13,188 by 9,814 pixels.

Once purchased, you will have access to the following files to download:

  • Acrobat PDF (50MB) 8 bit colour (600 DPI)
  • JPEG image (80MB) 16 bit colour (full size)
  • JPEG image (19MB) 16 bit colour (resized to 50%)
  • JPEG image (5MB) 16 bit colour (resized to 25%)

All JPEG images were saved with 3% compression to ensure minimal loss of quality. The files are stored in a ZIP archive to ensure that they download without error.

If you wish to print it out, it is recommended that you use the PDF file and have it professionally printed onto a sheet of A2 paper to retain the dimensions of the original map.

Please note that if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, you will need to use an application that displays images in their original native resolution rather than downsampling them.

The equivalent uncoloured map costs £10.20 to download as a JPEG file from the National Library of Scotland. The following maps are available to view or purchase on their web site and may be of interest to you:


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The following sample shows the quality and level of detail of the full-sized image.